organize your forums



Benefit from our experience, advice and help in a number of areas during the planning stage of your new forum : budget, logistics, marketing, programme, …

We will customise a registration management website for your forum, that enables each participant to manage their online profile and prepare their meetings:

  • Online business profile
  • Registration of individual logistics for each participant
  • Online catalogue
  • Meeting choices


Based on meeting choices submitted by each participant, our match making software optimises the planning of individual meetings

As the organiser, you have administrator access to all profiles to oversee the collection of information

The Futurallia team is in permanent contact with you during the preparation of the forum. We are present during the forum to manage all demands for meeting changes.

Benefit from complementary tools : creation of a printable catalogue (HD, offset, printer ready PDF), creation of all participant badges, automatic matching of interpreters for international forums, group-mailing, online payment system, …




FUTURALLIA proposes solutions that are adapted to the organisation of all kinds of events involving from 100 to many thousands of participants. Our online registration management suite and matchmaking algorithms can be applied to many domains:



  • International, multi-sector business forums
  • B2B meetings annexed to larger trade fairs
  • Inverted trade fairs, meet the buyer / subcontractor events
  • Sector based conventions (educational, technical, medical, …)
  • Employment forums
  • Symposiums and conferences









Since 2003, over 45 forums of all sizes, organised by FUTURALLIA around the world, have benefitted from our solutions and the support of the Futurallia team.

The adaptation of our software to our clients’ projects has enriched and broadened our knowledge and services (multiple languages, multiple forum formats, complex logistics management, …).

Round the clock availability of the Futurallia team for each forum means a tried and tested solution is customised to your project needs, providing help and advice at each stage of the organising process.



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